I am so glad that winter is finally here. If I had to be in this foul smelling box for one more day I think… I think that I would have lost my mind or even worse most of my hair. Will you tell me why in this world, I, a seal muff made from genuine seal fur had to spend five months in mothballs. Just because they put a small piece of green wool material around my edges supposedly to make me pretty, as if just fur and silk were not pretty enough. If you ask me, it was more to save enough fur for a silly hat. People have no taste.

Please hang me outside on the balcony so that I may lose that terrible odor. I am afraid that my owner will take one whiff of me and ask for her gloves. O.K., here, this is fine. Don’t worry about the wind, (I’ll be fine).

The cold November wind came in strong gusts and when the girl came to look at me the minute after she came home from school (bless her little soul) I was all hopelessly entangled in my own string. She almost cried when she saw me in my convoluted state, almost called for help, but decided against it.

Yes gently, gently, I guided her small hands. Don’t pull at the strings, just push them, Well, you see, it was easy. The girl smiled that wonderful smile of hers and than; she buried her face in my fur and put her hands deep inside my center. And that is the first time since May that felt happy”.

If only the humans who create us with love knew how much of their love stays within us and how much we care that the humans whose possessions we become love us just as much. Don’t they know that if they love us we will always be there for them? Yes, they are definitely dense”… She let out a sigh and with the utmost tenderness embraced the cold small hands inside her.

After that those hands hardly ever left me”. She said with pride. “For five months I was loved as much as any muff can ever expect to be”, She stopped for a second to massage one of her small bold spots and than continued.

I am sure you noticed my bold spots, most people do, but I am also sure that if I tell you how I got them you will agree that they are truly beauty marks. And not bold spots or God forbid, age spots”.

What wonderful months they were, those long cold winter months ”. she continued after clearing her throat.

I not only wormed hands and became a beloved pillow but I also became a war hero.”

So you don’t believe me? Well, than listen.” It was Febrary of 1942. The winter was three months old, I already had, I must admit, a bit of my outside beauty tarnished, mind you, not by age, but than you already know that, but by the richest life any muff could ever, even in her wildest dreams, imagine”.

My soul, you should have seen my soul. It grew and became more loving with every tear melted into it during those cold and very sad winter nights when the girl cried into me (when I became a pillow).

Maria” she continued, quite seriously now”.

Who made me last year really loved the girl and lined the sleeves which reached deep inside me with a piece of silk velour she saved from a dress. She made those sleeves just right. Not to wide so that they would protect the small hands snugly from wind and yet with an elastic so than if needed they could expand”.

Lucky for me “ she continued. “Once the cold days begun, they never went away. The apartment where we lived was cold, as were all the apartments in Warsaw during that winter. There just was not enough coal and wood to heat them. I did not mind at all. The girl whose hands were always cold and I have become constant companions. We have bonded. I WAS ALL THAT I COULD BE and I was happy“.

One morning, Roman, the significant household grownup, stopped us as we were going out. “Let me see that muff” he said, I could “hardly believe my ears” “Hey wait a minute,” I shouted, “what do you think you are doing? Are you crazy? I am a fur muff and not a gun holster, take that cold thing out! Oh no, not another one, why are you doing this to me?”

Come here little miss,” to my relief the girl entered his room.

I have an important job for you, that is if you are not afraid,” he added.

I have to get these guns transported just a few streets away from here, and would like you to help me do it”.

Oh yes, yes, please, I would like to. Of course I am not afraid, I heard my young hero say and to tell the truth I fully agreed. I could already see my picture in a paper with a caption “HERO MUFF DELIVERS GUNS”.

Although still worried about my silk velour, my attitude begun to change. Roman went on to explain like to a grownup what the JOB really entailed.

The heroes of the Ghetto Uprising need guns right now and finding ways to get those guns to them had became very difficult. Walk behind me at a distance of ten steps and watch me, when you see me go into a house come there a few minutes later. Do you understand? ‘ He asked and than answered himself, ‘of course you do”.

Small hands tightly wrapped around the cold metal and we were off. We walked for five minutes following Roman. Exactly ten giant steps behind him. The girl remembered the game she played when she was little. Giant steps it was called. Suddenly a motorcycle stopped in front of Roman. HALT…He stood still. The two S.S. Men began to search and interrogate him. And that’s when we became a hero.

We simply went by, humming as usual under our breath and not even looking in the direction of the scene on the sidewalk. Without changing pace we went around the block clutching the guns tightly and when ten minutes later we returned home we were greeted as heroes. Roman was so very proud of his little miss but he never even acknowledged me. As if it all could have happened without me. Those humans some times I wonder why we tolerate them”.


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