My dog John was born in January of 1937 in England when Frank, a friend of my father was on an assignment in London for the first time. Feeling a bit lonely he decided to choose for a companion one little Shephard from a litter of five puppies which were just six weeks old. He called him John, and when the assignment was over in September of that year, he brought the little dog with him to Warsaw. I met and fell in love with the puppy for the first time when he brought him to our home and my father put him next to me when I had a cold and was in bed because of it.

In May of 1941 Frank was leaving for another assignment in London and decided, to my absolute delight, to give me John who became my constant companion until August 1944 when during the Warsaw Uprising we became separated while I was almost forced to go into the surge canal. During my three years with John my life went through what seemed like one disastrous and dreadful life threating calamity after another and I am convinced that I have survived all of them because of my dog John.

I have decided to write our story in two languages because one just did not seem to be able to express what I feel.

Pure love when tears are wiped of a face with a tongue, that is what this little book is about. I wish that I knew how to describe it in a 100 more languages.

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